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Gina Freedman

Get to Know: Alex Benny

Profession: Prop stylist, primarily in film
Shoot: Steamy Window, Reflection

Hometown: I’m from Providence, Rhode Island, but I’ve lived and worked in New York for nine years.

All-time favorite movie:
Probably Being John Malkovich, basically anything written by Charlie Kaufmann. Set-wise, I’m really into early Tim Burton films.

Weirdest place you’ve traveled for work:
I think I’ve gotten the short end of the stick as far as traveling goes. I’ve worked in Iowa, rural Connecticut, and Pennsylvania Dutch Country. I once did work on a short film that was set on deserted tropical island. We shot in the suburbs of Milwaukee. The weirdest story: I was once almost crushed by a supply cabinet in the morgue in the basement of an abandoned asylum for the criminally insane. It was musty, dark, and terrifying! I also once shot in a cave half a mile underground. Nowhere really exciting as far as vacations go, but a lot of places that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Off-duty pastime:
When I’m not working, I often do much of the same… building furniture, paper craft projects, designing dresses with a friend of mine - basically making stuff or decorating. I also love taking advantage of living in Brooklyn: museums, concerts, and biking or walking through the neighborhoods that make New York unique.

Dream job:
I’d love to design sets for stop-motion animation, but working in photo and film is pretty close to a dream job already.

Best career advice you’ve ever been given:
I’ve been told this many times, but it’s true: you have to love working in this line of work to do it.

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