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Mark Borow

Get to Know: Mark Borow

Profession: Model maker
Shoot: Aquarium, Sand

Hometown: Lovely Bound Brook, New Jersey. Yes, it’s that town that every year floods and you can see a New York Times front page photo of a local resident in a rowboat sadly floating down Main Street. Our dubious claim to fame.

First job: Believe it or not, this is my first real job. I started working for my business partner, Jerry McConnell (hence the McConnell of McConnell and Borow, Inc.) 30 years ago when I first came to the city. When he decided to pursue publishing, I continued the model-making and illustration business. Sadly, Jerry passed away a few years ago, but I keep the name in his memory. Aside from this job, I was a stock boy as a kid and picked up samples for a doctor’s medical lab. I vastly prefer model making.

Favorite cocktail:
I’m not much of a drinker, but after 20 some years of doing the props for the Absolut campaign, I’ve developed a fondness for the drink. After a particularly long conference call or tough shoot, I may help myself to an Absolut martini.

Craziest model you’ve ever made:
That’s a tough question since I get a “craziest model I ever made” assignment at least once a year. These days I’m not fazed by anything, except, maybe, some of the deadlines and budgets.

The biggest model you’ve ever made:
Vertical or horizontal? We’ve made many miniature sets that are enormous - 20 feet x 30 feet and larger. The tallest models were probably the two sculptures we recently fabricated. We produced 20-foot tall statues of the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben made entirely out of gasoline cans for a Hewlett-Packard ad. We made them in sections and assembled them at the photo shoot. Never a dull moment.

Off-duty pastime:

Dream job:
Cloud counter in the south of France.

3 things you’d bring on a desert island:
Gilligan (to get me my Absolut martini and to power the giant hamster wheel generator that the Professor will invent), the Professor (to eventually get me off the island), and Mr. Howell (my new best friend and sugar daddy, once we get off the island).

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