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Victoria Granof

Get to Know: Victoria Granoff

Profession: Food stylist
Shoot: “Pancakes”

Hometown: Los Angeles (this was a freak occurrence).

Weirdest place you’ve traveled for work: The State Penitentiary near Madison, Wisconsin.

Food you find most visually attractive:
I see beauty in every food, but I do favor anything purple or magenta (like the cactus pear).

Off-duty pastime:
Foraging (mushrooms, fennel, discarded lovers).

Dream job:
I’m already doing it!

The best part about living in NYC:
The incredible array of food, people, visual chaos.

Favorite NYC breakfast spot:
I have just discovered a new breakfast spot on Smith Street called Bien Cuit. This is my new favorite! Hands down, the best bread in the city. The absolute best almond croissants, and the chocolate/orange brioche are off the hook.

A little-known secret:
I hate cheese. It’s totally irrational and illogical – I suffered Cheese Trauma in preschool, and there’s nothing I can do to shake it. I also secretly want to become a sharpshooter. I’m fascinated with the precision and concentration of it. (I would never aim at a person, though.)

I’m influenced just by daily life in New York. I don’t text or talk on the phone while I’m on the street, so I notice and absorb everything. I was honored to have collaborated with the late Irving Penn from the late ’90s until shortly before his passing, and he remains my greatest influence. He taught me when enough is enough.

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